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Progress at an unlikely place and time

February 13th, 2008

So I was doing some video editing in IT’s black room yesterday and I was stuck trying to synchronize the video and sound after cutting a certain section. After pulling my hair out for twenty minutes I decided to work on the curaj site.

After going through different motions and reading through pages of online documentation, I finally realized that editing the “content” portion of the CMS would post the information on the actual site. This whole time I was stuck looking for information that I edited on the “sections” and “categories” portion, and never realized that it was necessary to change the “content” part for anything to actually show up on the web site. What a waste of time..

Anyways, so I’ve gotten rid of a bunch of junk off the front page and the site is finally starting to look a lot less like a Joomla! advertisement page. That being said, there’s still a lot of work left.


Progress At 1AM

January 30th, 2008

While I hate hearing excuses and giving them, I do believe I deserve some slack given my current situation:

-Never made my own web site

-Never used a CMS like this before

-I’m in the midst of moving to a new place

-There is no “Getting started” tutorial that takes you from scratch to finish

-The local Barnes & Noble doesn’t believe people in Merced have an interest in learning to use CMS (I don’t blame them)

That being said, I found a somewhat decent online tutorial that is taking me step by step through the motions on how to get started, although there are still some unspoken assumptions. It’s here:

I’ve assigned a template for the site but the URL for the live site is I know this because of this screen shot which I got to by clicking on the “site” tab, then “global configuration”, then “server”. I’m trying to find out a way to change it to just

Live Site

Also, in the “metadata” tab of the Global Configuration menu, I’ve added some meta keywords so search engines will include us in their relevant search queries.

Lastly, while I assigned a template for the site and it is viewable at, I’m still not sure how to edit the info on that page. It’s amazing how un-user-friendly this whole setup is.



Introductions Are In Order

January 30th, 2008

Hi everyone,

I’ve set up this blog to track my progress and catalog what I’ve done to the site so far. This will also help me archive and backtrack in the case I’ve forgotten something.

Also, we can use this blog to communicate to each other if need be.